A first batch of instructors !


Here is a non-exhaustive list of instructors and workshops for this fifteenth international gathering in Dijon! This year again, Sébastian ROMAGNAN proposes you a workshop on rapier fencing.

Two workshops will be hosted by Keith FARRELL: one on Talhoffer’s method for longsword and the other on Scottish broadsword – movements patterns!!!

Gilles MARTINEZ will also present two workshops: “How to strike and protect the legs in a sword and shield combat (chivalry duel of the XIth-XIIIth centuries)” and ““Approach” in Fiore dei Liberi’s longsword method.”

And last but not least: Julien VUAGNIAUX and Thomas SCHMUZIGER will propose a workshop on armored combat. You can find all the detail on the recently updated “Instructors” page. If after reading all this you cannot think of anything else but coming to Dijon, you can find all the details you need (and a link to the registration form) on the “Registration” page.

New instructors will be added soon! So stay tuned !!

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 Instructors, Registration
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