Welcome to the website of the XXth Dijon International Historical European Martial Arts Gathering.

The gathering hosts the yearly meeting of the Historical European Martial Arts Coalition and will run on the Université de Bourgogne Campus of Dijon from May 16th to 19th 2023, moreover, . The event is hosted by the Burgundian HEMA Research and Practice group De Taille et d’Estoc, in partnership with the Université de Bourgogne and is supported by the Fédération Française d’Arts Martiaux Historiques Européens.

What is it all about ?

Dijon’s Gathering offers since 2002 a place  to discover, talk and share,  for everyone researching on or practising HEMA and an opportunity for curious people to discover what HEMA is all about.

This gathering is adressed to those who want to share their work and their passion. We aim to promote communication between researchers, instructors and fencers in order to progress in our understanding of the masters’ teachings throughout the centuries. Since 2002, the unique warm and brotherly atmosphere of the Dijon event became a sort of trademark we are proud to keep going.

The event itself is open to every student or employee of the University of Burgundy, and to everyone else who wants to take part in the adventure.

The unarguable success of previous editions, as well as the high quality standard of instructors who came here to share their skills and knowledge made this event a beacon, and one of the most important gathering for the international community.

Can I attend  ?

As previously stated, the event is open to everyone : beginners or experienced Historical Martial Artists, as well as students and employees of  Université de Bourgogne, or simple spectators.

However, for the sake of logistics and security, parts of the event are only available to registered attendees.

Workshops are dedicated to fencers with a desire to learn and improve their skills; Spectators are asked to respect its course, and not to interfere during workshops. It is nonetheless possible to interact with the instructors and fencers once the workshop is over.

Lectures are open to everyone, as long as there is enough place in the room.

Demos are public and the tournaments  usually gather a large audience.

What will I see ?

During four days, instructors from all over europe and beyond will demonstrate their mastery of the art. The Dijon Gathering is a place to discuss, learn and fight. It is the perfect place to meet the most talented fencers and the most erudite scholars of various HEMA disciplines. Take a look at the planning for further information.

Lectures gives researchers an opportunity to present their work during public sessions. They treat a wide range of subjects, depending on the expertise of the lecturer, with topics going from Martial History to Hoplology to contemporary Sports Theories, .

Instructors will teach various subjects during workshops : introduction to a specific weapon, interpretation of a specific source, exploration of a specific martial skillset, exercises for physical fitness etc.

Fencers with a desire to test their ability to fight under pressure, and to demonstrate their techniques will be able to do so during competitive phases against worthy opponents.

All members of  De Taille et d’Estoc will, of course, welcome you, answer your every question and are ready to help you to the best of their ability

If you have any question, send us a mail to hemacdijon@yahoo.fr or hemacdijon.inscription@gmail.com.

To contact us, send an email to hemacdijonATyahoo.fr or hemacdijon.inscription@gmail.com (replace AT with @)