We would like to remind our dear attendeesĀ that the organization of such an event and our capacity to offer quality accommodation is reliant on our good relationship with the various hotel managers. Moreover, finding affordable room in the city center is difficult enough as it is. For these reasons and out of consideration for the organizers, please respect the internal rules of your hotel. Particular attention must be given to respecting the furniture, the hotel staff and the other clients.

In order to keep the price of the event as low as possible, like every year, you will have to share your bedroom, and possibly your bed with another attendee. If you see this as major inconvenience, you are welcome to bring your own sleeping bag, or to look for more suitable accommodation yourself. In order to facilitate room allocation, and for your own comfort, please specify on your registration form the name of any person you would like to be sharing the room with. We will do our best to meet your expectations while counting on your indulgence and cooperation.

If you encounter any problem, or have any question before or during your stay in Dijon, don’t hesitate to contact the accomodation manager.

To contact us, send an email to or (replace AT with @)