Here is the place for registering for the 21st International Gathering by Dijon which will take place from may 16th, to may 19th. Please read carefully these few directives before starting completing your file.

Please read with care the following.

After verification of the form, a confirmation message will appear on your screen. Read and take in consideration the information on it.

Classic registration include (for a total of 295.00 euros, all included, excluding potential reductions):

  • 4 nights in hotel (wed 15th, thursday 16th, friday 17th, saturday 18th),
  • the 4-day event (thursday 16th, friday 17th, saturday 18th, sunday 19th),
  • A welcome pack,
  • the gala dinner (saturday evening).

Registration does not include:

  • Sunday night (from sunday 19th to monday 20th),
  • Meals (except Saturday evening), and drinks.


Safety and equipment

The participant must ensure to bring adequate material to take part in the proposed activities:

  • Clothing and footwear suitable for indoors and outdoors activities (prepare a different pair for each),
  • Protective equipments such as fencing masks, fencing jackets, genital protections, gloves etc.,
  • Wooden, plastic or metal training weapons. Please note, no sharp weapon will be tolerated in no workshop or freeplay. A weapon of a certain type would only be used against a weapon of the same type (wood vs. wood, plastic vs. plastic, metal vs. metal) corresponding to the workshop (dagger, rapier, one- or two-handed swords…).

Organizers will not provide the lack of equipment of the participant.

Any hazardous behavior will be sanctioned by the immediate and definitive banishment for the rest of the event and its ancillary activities. No refund will be made.

Any instructors, organizers and intervening people are free to assess the criteria for such shortcomings. We will be particularly unyielding on this point, demanding exemplarity from all participants.

For the instructors

A special ‘Instructor’ form is available. Please contact us by e-mail if you did not receive the information.

Important: some workshops are aimed at people that have reached a certain level in HEMA practice, and/or people with particular equipment. Instructors are free to exclude from their workshop anybody that does not meet the required criteria (level, equipment, behavior).

If you have read this far all the informations on this page, you can register by following this link or by flashing this QR-code.

Link for registration:


Please pay attention to validated options.

To contact us, send an email to or (replace AT with @)